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Clearing Blocks to Intuition

Once you register for Clearing Emotional Blocks to Intuition, you’ll receive a welcome letter with information on how to access course recordings and assignments via your online classroom. You’ll receive:

  • 6 recordings of the Clearing Emotional Blocks to Intuition content
  • 6 recorded guided meditations (one per week)
  • Assignments for applying and personalizing what you’ve learned

You’ll find this program deep, powerful, clear, direct, and healing. Plus, upon course completion, you’ll unlock lifetime access to the materials, so you can refer back any time you need a refresher.

This inner critic sounds real. It sounds correct. And it’s so loud… and it has the power to drown out your much-softer intuitive voice. 

You can become conscious of your wounds, emotions, and fears — so you can heal them. You’ll literally quiet them so you can hear the truth of your intuition more consistently, and with greater accuracy. As you clear your wounds and come to understand how your emotions work within your energetic body, your intuitive voice will finally have the room to be heard.